Welcome to Vizion Multimedia

Welcome to Vizion Multimedia. Our company specializes in offering DJ and entertainment services in the greater Montreal area.

We also offer inexpensive high-end audio-visual services such as giant screen multimedia shows, photography and videography all at the low price of 795$.

Our DJs have all the knowledge and the experience to make your wedding or party a day to remember. We will adapt the musical style, animations and interventions to your needs and your preferences, so that the event will reflect who you are, making sure that your guest will have an astonishing time.

Our photographers have a modern approach to photography that will produce great results. Again, we are all about listening to your needs. They will help you with ideas of poses and shots to do and will guide your guests for group shots, table photos and such.

Our videographers have a cinematic style that will leave you breathless. They will capture every important moment of your day and also make sure that to film your party, so that you have great memories of how much fun you had.

Here at vizion.ca, you will find samples of our work, prices and rates by browsing to your area of interest.

With Vizion Multimedia, you’ll pay less and get more!!!

Please contact us if you’d like to your questions answered or would like to schedule an appointment.

Vizion Multimedia